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Al's Chicken Schnitzel

December 6, 2006
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All measurements and currency mentioned below in in metric and Australian currency. In 1 kg you usually get 3 breasts so cut them in half as described below and 2 halfs usually make a filling meal.

Costs about $10 to serve a family since adult can have 2 halfs with mashed potato and mini carrots etc and children can have 1.

Cut Chicken Breasts down the middle into 2 parts. Use Spiked Mallet to beat chicken till its a mit thinner so it cooks better. Also trim any skin or get skinless breasts to reduce amount of calories.

Get 3 plates. On the first plate sift flour on to plate. On second plate,beat eggs and pour onto a deep plate. On third put the bread crumbs on it.

Dip or cover breasts in flour. Shake off excess. Coat breast with egg either by brushing on or dipping on plate. Then cover in bread crumbs and put on plate.

Once this is done you are ready to cook them. Cook it so that the bread crumbs are brown but dont get burnt so the schnitzel is very soft.

Just cook them and when the look cooked cut in half and if the meat is white (like chicken sould look not the colour of an uncooked fillet) they are cooked. Cook on medium heat in a frypan with some oil.

Serving Suggestions: In the Colder months this meal is best served with Mashed potato and gravy as well as carrots and any other vegetables you like.

In the Warm months a favourite could be a Schnitzel Burger. Put the lettuce on the bottom, Beetroot next, then the scnitzel, then a thin pineapple ring and mayo. Excellent in summer months. 2 of these make a filling and tasty meal.

1 kg Chicken Breasts
4 lg Eggs
2 c Flour
2 c Bread Crumbs (Krummies etc)